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Air Conditioning and Heating Repair and Service

Shorted Circuits

HVAC System - Service and Repairs

At Northwest Hills AC and Heating we provide a full range of residential and commercial service and repair to all types of HVAC systems. Please email for a full list of services and rates.  We also offer discounts of all kinds, just ask to see what you might qualify for!

  • Immediate service available - Fee
  • Evening Service available until 9:59 pm at            regular rates.
  • Don't forget - Email for  a list of service rates        for 2018!
  • $120.00 Full house Summer / Winter AC Checkup Special.

Additional Services:

We also provide additional services upon request for the residential and commercial project such as furniture repair / put together, shelving, door repairs, and all types of interior and exterior home repairs in general.  We also offer light welding for all non structural applications.                                                                                      Most work is cost plus time at a very reasonable rate.  Call us or submit a request for more details.  All "Additional Services" come with no service fee for looking at the project.  Just call or email and we will look at the project and provide our opinion on cost and time to complete your project.

Dirty Evaporator Coil

Preventative Maintenance / Filter Service

Preventative Maintenance pays for itself in the long run and keeps your system running smoothly and efficiently.  Northwest Hills AC and Heating provides a very competitive and thorough maintenance plan for all systems, as well as a basic filter service to help those change the filters in their systems regularly and safely.  

HVAC System Cleaning

Keeping an HVAC system clean and clear of debris promotes better efficiency of operation and lower electric bills.  Learn how to maintain your systems and keep them working through the year at peak performance.  Plants, dust, leaves, and pet hair are the largest contaminants you might find affecting your system.

Rusty Secondary Pan

If you see this, you need to call us immediately, you have an imminent coil failure as well as a leak in you system that may cause water damage to your home.  Rusty condensate pans in attics are a sign of primary pan failure or evaporator coil failure.